Art “Bears” Repeating: Part 3

So after deciding (in 2012) to pursue painted rocks as one of my now endeavors, I began to acquire paint brushes, acrylic paints and rocks to eventually begin creating what you can see via this page. As a matter of fact, I was so hyped about this aspiration that I showed Myst three of the rocks that are on that hyperlinked page, as well as other art pieces that I may or may not have pictures of any longer. But what I may or may not have any longer picture-wise is a possible showcase for another day, because the topic of this entry is what I did with that art, per Myst’s advice. And as to what that advice was, well it was me opening an Etsy shop to put those three rocks that I showed her, those other pieces that can be viewed via that hyperlinked page and other pieces all for sale. I initially named the shop Achylic before renaming SwaneWorld in 2015. Either way, Myst gave me nothing but positive feedback about the pieces that I made and even entertained the possibility of buying some of my work.

To be continued.