An Ode To My Contemporaries: Part 8

For the past seven weeks, I’ve blogged about either The Angry Video Game Nerd or The Nostalgia Critic, as they were my two initial influences about reviewing either movies or TV shows, with some of that proof being on display via my review set “Shoe-Horning The Bell”, which is my review set of all Saved By The Bell episodes that were minus both Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano. And for those of you who either don’t know how that came about or need a refresher, I got my influence in reviewing those episodes after watching the latter of the two vloggers review the aforementioned Saved By The Bell.

Of course, I have other reviews that have yet to be fully unveiled, as I still have yet to finish my review set, entitled “At One Time, They Got Ton-Sideration”, which feature two of my completed (SEAL Patrol, Hostage) movie reviews. And not only does that yet-to-be-completed set feature those two movie reviews because in addition, those two movie reviews were inspired by the snarky style of The Nostalgia Critic.

Okay, so as I’ve stated in both this entry and in previous entries, both of those vloggers were my two initial influences in writing the reviews that I have both written and will eventually write. However, that’s not the topic of this entry.

Instead, the topic of this entry is the other (four to be exact) vloggers, whom either have influenced me or are going to influence me. They, along with the initial two, are whom I refer to as my contemporaries. And to find out who the other four are, simply view the chart below:

VloggerHow Vlogger Influenced Me
SmegheadHis review of Norm Of The North is the best review of that movie that I’ve seen, to the point that his “WTF” reactions in that video inspired the same reactions in my written review of that movie.
StuckmannHis review of Jaws: The Revenge actually made me want to re-assess that movie two days before Super Bowl 55, which I did. But contrary to his opinion of it, I actually like the movie for the simple purpose that it does its part in making sure that Ellen Brody finally gets a chance to truly shine in the four-film franchise.
Jeremy JahnsThe influence of his rapid-fire style in breaking down a movie’s plot has occasionally shown up in some of my movie reviews and will continue to do so moving forward. Plus, his rapid-fire style has shown up in the aforementioned Shoe-Horning The Bell and will continue to do so in all my other Saved By The Bell review chapters.
Jeremy Scott (CinemaSins Narrator)His style of pointing out everything wrong in a movie really helped harden the edge that I brought in my jot down sessions of those 10 Saved By The Bell episodes that were minus both the aforementioned Kelly Kapowski and the aforementioned Jessie Spano.

So yeah, six different vloggers in all are the ones that have influenced my style in reviewing both movies and TV shows. And while I’m nowhere near the level that they are all on, I would like to at least think that those who know me best see me in that same light, because I do a lot of this to try give them something interesting to read about. And if I can at least do that, well then it doesn’t matter where everyone else wants to rank me on their list of entertainment reviewers, assuming that I ever get on the level of those who review the same things that I review.

Well, that does it for this eight-part arc. And not only will it do for this eight-part arc because in addition, this page will be on an indefinite moratorium, so I don’t know when I’ll be posting something to this page again. But of course, you can find my future content primarily on the Tats What’s Up! page, so this isn’t a good bye. Instead, it’s tune in elsewhere to continue supporting Art Infliction. Let’s keep building on it.