An App That’s ‘Jarring’!: Part 2

So, after reading the tutorials of Receipt Jar via my iPad, I went ahead and downloaded it from the AppStore. However, I did so via my current iPhone because you see, this app is similar to Receipt Hog, from the standpoint that you can take pictures of in-store purchase receipts. And since I use Receipt Hog via an iPhone, whether past [since 2016] or current, I decided to download this app [Receipt Jar] via that device [iPhone] instead of taking pictures of receipts via my iPad. Especially after I felt that taking a picture of a receipt with my iPad would have been way too much of a hassle for me.

Tune in six days from now to find out both the similarities and differences between this app and Receipt Hog, as I will be busy with plot jotting movies this weekend. Blog to you all again via this page.