Additional External Comments

Back when we first started our current website poll format on April 30, 2020, we noticed a feature in which we could allow a comments section for each of our current polls.

However, we decided to only allow comments for our guestbook and the blog entries that we designated comment sections for.

But after Steve Kaycee decided to allow one of his friends to re-post her external website comments about one of his movie review movies, he decided on January 2, 2022 to apply the external guestbook format to polls for his movie and TV show review sets to allow more than just guestbook comments on our subsidiary website, which is located on the Guestbook II page.

And now, thanks to the expanding of this Guestbook II idea via WebStarts, you can also post non-guestbook comments without using an e-mail address via the website that’s hyperlinked on the aforementioned Guestbook II page.

To see where you can post comments about any Steve Kaycee movie and/or TV show that you want, simply click here. Plus, we also have a page where you can comment on Steve Kaycee’s music reviews, which you can find here.

Thank you, enjoy and have fun externally commenting!