A Tier 11 Substitute’s Substitute

 When it comes to new movies being released these days, I always air on the side of caution, as A) Teaser trailers don’t give me much to go on, in terms of knowing for certain when a particular movie will indeed be released and B) The possibility of a movie not being released in certain parts of the country or certain parts of a particular state. And of course, with Point B being said, not seeing the poster of Chevalier on the outer wall of the theater that I went to on the day that I saw Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre put some doubt in mind about the former of the two movies being released in a theater near me. Especially when I saw posters for some movies that will be post-April 21 (Chevalier’s release date) releases on that same outer wall. I guess that particular movie theater wants to overlook Fox Searchlight (Chevalier’s main production company) releases, in favor of bigger studio releases.

Of course, my bouts of doubt could be wrong between now and late April. And I hope that they’re wrong, because the presence of Samara Weaving and the fact that I saw the trailer back when I saw The Menu theatrically both really make/made me want to see it as soon as possible. But if that can’t happen, then I’ll put Nomadland in Chevalier’s Tier 12 position after putting Mack & Rita in Nomadland’s Tier 11 spot no matter what, as the latter of those two changes will go into effect immediately. 

Now you all might be wondering why Mack & Rita is going to get assessed, right? Well, the answer is the presence of Aimee Carrero, who really made the most of her screen time in The Menu to the point that other work of hers needed/needs to get checked out. However, that answer might be the only valid reason for me to see the former of the two movies, as its plot will sabotage it from clinching one of the next 25 overall guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots.

Well, that will be the last ever change to Tier 11. And as I said in Definite Dozen: The 12 Movies That Were Substituted Into Tier 11 On Such Short Notice, tune in sometime before the Fourth Of July to find out which movies will get overall guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots 2,023 through 2,047.