A Potential Substitution, And The Frandemic Isn’t Even The Cause

Despite The Frandemic causing me to not pre-order ticket(s) to any movie that I want to see theatrically, I always check the projected showtimes of such movies when their USA wide release dates fast approach, as I’ve been doing that with Five Nights At Freddy’s, The Marvels, Trolls Band Together and Wish. And not only have I done that with those four particular movies because in addition, I’ve seen a plentiful amount of showtimes for them in areas that I typically see movies in via those checks.

But of course, this entry isn’t about any of those four movies. Instead, it’s about the recent Fandango recon that I did for the movie “Napoleon”, as it will get released theatrically along with Wish exactly 32 days from now.

However, unlike Wish, there are only three total showtimes for Napoleon thus far and all of them are in an area of my state that I’m totally unfamiliar with. So, given that, I might have to substitute either a fairly new 2023 movie or an upcoming 2023 movie into the format of Napoleon vying for a Walrus 23 spot. But it’s still too early to make such a determination.

Tune in a month from tomorrow to one of the While & After pages to find out that determination.