A Potential “Shift” In The Project

Just when I think that I’m all booked up with getting Tier 12 candidates, another one comes on my radar right, as I finish writing “The Next Legitimate Tier 12 Contender, And An Additional Replenishment”. And as to what that movie was, well it was Day Shift, the vampire-hunting movie that stars Jamie Foxx and features Snoop Dogg. And as to why it’s making this now replenished roster of yet to be assessed movies, well the Snoop Dogg song “Gz And Hustlas” plays in the Jamie Foxx movie “Strays”, so I figured that their on-screen collaboration deserves an assessment.

Alright, once this entry posts, I’m getting right to work on the assessments that I have right in front of me, as it’s time to oversee the epic competition for 12 overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spots. So, in closing, tune into the upcoming Nog Reports for the outcome of Day Shift and the 13 other movies that are awaiting assessment.

The challenge continues.