A Possible Leg Up (Times Five)

Many factors go into getting the best 2,100 movies assembled. Among them have been trying to find the best movie Hayao Miyazaki-directed movie for the Two ThouCentennial Project, trying to get at least one Richard Gere into the Two ThouCentennial Project, and trying to have Tiffani-Amber Thiessen in her “Kelly-ness” be in a situation that puts her near or at the very top with her other six Saved By The Bell castmates in the Two ThouCentennial rankings. Check (Ponyo), check (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and An Officer And A Gentleman), and almost check (Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas will be fully assessed 64 days from now).

Those three factors, as well as others, have either been accounted for or will be accounted for. However, that doesn’t mean that other movies will no longer be assessed/re-assessed. Especially when the last remaining 100 Two ThouCentennial spots will still be unconfirmed once the full-on assessment of Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas has been completed. 

As a matter of fact, five other movies could either have the inside track at making the last 100, or could be up for consideration in joining the Project before that very long and drawn-out process begins if 13 particular movies all fail their assessments/re-assessments. And speaking of those five other movies, they will A) Be getting assessed before October 7, 2022, B) Be assessed before then to add more life to this current assessment/re-assessment schedule and C) Be mentioned via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s getting assessed before October 7, 2022
The Do-OverThere has been an attempted move in putting a Paula Patton movie in Conference 23 with movies that have Thiessen, Anna Camp and Nasim Pedrad. This movie is Patton’s best, almost last and remotely immediate chance at having that attempt become a successful one.
Mother And ChildBritt Robertson brings a certain level of comfort to the Project, as evidenced by movies such as Dan In Real Life and Triple Dog. Avalon High was almost that movie, but it failed in its assessment, therefore this movie getting the nod. Especially when Robertson is also running out of immediate chances.
CrawlDespite Kaya Scodelario having both Clash Of The Titans and Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in the Project, this movie allows her to make up for the disaster that was The King’s Daughter.
SadieMovies with kid actors are almost always passed over for the Project. But Keith L. Williams was so much of a standout in that disaster known as Good Boys that the Project owes it to him via this movie being chosen for assessment.
StarletThere’s been a push to get a movie where Dree Hemingway has a substantial role into the Project. This movie provides a good chance at that.

Well, another preview entry about Two ThouCentennial activity that will occur before October 7, 2022 and the movies in this particular entry all could join the Project before that date. And given the lack of firepower that remains on the current assessment/re-assessment roster, the five movies in this chart are all welcome additions. The next 64 days (including this one) are going to be interesting leading up to the Morris and Kapowski wedding.

Keep tuning in.