A Not So Pleasant Rumor And Its Impact On The Catch-22 Hundred Project

**Note: The following has some very heart-wrenching content. Discretion is advised

When it comes to certain movies, I convince myself over and over that they are guaranteed locks for the Catch-22 Hundred Project. However, after learning about the alleged controversy surrounding the movie “The Creator”, now I’m not so sure about that one making the Project.

You see, I read in an article that a deadly real-life explosion in Beirut was allegedly used in a explosion scene for that movie. And given all the trauma that comes via such situations, I’ve lowered my expectations significantly for The Creator.

Yes, I don’t know all the minutia of explosion scenes for all the movies that have them. But after reading what I read (whether true or not) about that one explosion scene in The Creator being the first such reported scene of its kind, I remain uneasy about seeing it. 

Of course, the makers of The Creator have time to tell their side of the explosion scene story, so it’s too early to tell if that movie will clinch a tentative guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot right off the bat or not. But of course, my current uneasiness about that scene has prompted me to predict it as the second (The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes is the first) of the 16 upcoming 2023 movies that won’t pass its assessment.