A Moot Overage And A Possible Extension, Part 2

So yesterday on The Bonus Round page, I mentioned pursuing another badass Chuck Norris action movie for the Catch-22 Hundred Project, as I was very disappointed with The Delta Force. So, with that being said, I looked through his filmography to find a movie that I can A] Assess almost immediately and B] Give me a badass action movie style that I can feel confident about making the Project. And as to how that went, well it wasn’t easy, but I found something that I think will meet my pre-assessment expectation, with that movie being The Hitman. And not only is it the movie that I think will meet my pre-assessment expectation because in addition, it’s a movie of his that came after Firewalker, a movie that I like but is rather tame compared to his R-Rated movies, two (The Delta Force, Code Of Silence) of which let me down. Plus, speaking of Code Of Silence, The Hitman is kind of like that movie, but will most likely be better.

Alright, so now I finally have a group of assessments/re-assessments that I can happily work with before my long-awaited evaluation of Batman Forever. However, I made one last addition to this current group of assessments/re-assessments. And as to what that was, well it was the movie The Green Inferno, simply because I’ll have two Lorenza Izzo movies just to get one into the Project before the New Years Day 2024 deadline. Especially since Aftershock was the movie that I was least confident about between this most recent Wednesday night and the creation of this entry. 

Alright, now I feel more confident about rounding out most (Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom comes out 12/20/23) of Tier 12 come Sunday morning. And hopefully, I don’t have to go back to the drawing board anytime soon.

The process continues.