A ‘Hill’ Of Destruction

As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, hindsight has been frustrating this off-season, as my favorite team released franchise icons Justin Houston and Eric Berry, due to both their contracts far outweighing their availability for games in recent seasons. Plus, they figured that releasing those two franchise icons would free up cap space to sign the younger stars Chris Jones, Tyreek Hill and Patrick Mahomes each to contract extensions that are either near or at $200 million.

Of course, this is where the frustration sets in, as the second of those younger stars, Hill, is under investigation for alleged child abuse against his three-year old son, by result of the boy suffering a broken arm. And of course, that allegation is only a part of that equation, as there is a recording of him that suggests that he is the guiltier of the two parties among himself and the mother of his child. Oh and by the way, the mother is the same woman that he committed domestic violence against during his time at Oklahoma State before he got kicked off the team in 2014, so this second situation is anything but an isolated situation.

The re-opening of the investigation against Hill has yet to conclude, so I’ll stop short of saying that he did it, as the determination of his involvement is still pending. But given that his reputation from Oklahoma State is proceeding him, he’s not deserving of a $200 million contract extension. Plus, given what hindsight is, some of that money could have been used to possibly let both Houston and Berry play their entire careers with one team. And with hindsight being what it is, I’m sure that the Chiefs front office feels the same way.

As a player, Hill is a much shorter and somewhat less refined version of prime Randy Moss, so there’s no doubt that the guy can ball out. But due to his aforementioned domestic violence transgression at Oklahoma State and this current child endangerment situation, it makes it hard to fathom giving him a contract extension that is either near or at $200 million. Especially when he hasn’t shown that he learned his lesson the first time around. 

The after the fact collateral damage that Hill’s latest situation has brought the Chiefs has me convinced that the Chiefs haven’t had such a good off-season. And honestly, I feel that they won’t go as far this season as they did last season. And as for Hill, I hope that he can stop putting himself in such heinous situations. And more importantly, I hope that the life of his three-year old son, as well as the life of the mother of his three-year old son are no longer jeopardized.

Tyreek Hill needs to better himself as a person in order to get and keep his personal life on the straight-and-narrow. And if he can do that, then maybe he can help justify the Chiefs releasing two franchise icons this off-season. 

I’m absolutely disappointed in Tyreek Hill for putting himself in a precarious position again. And despite how heinous that this allegation of child endangerment is, a very small part of me is rooting for him to get his life together. But until that moment happens, I’ll remain one very frustrated Chiefs fan. So get it together, Cheetah, or else your future in the NFL will be extinct.