A Haunting Out Of The Woods, A Bypassed Cabin And A Peeples’ Movie Trying To Be A Champ!

During three of the four weeks leading up to this one, I’ve had to write confirmation blog entries about 2023 movies (that I want to see theatrically) not having their USA wide release dates delayed, as I’ve become less confident in such movies being released when they’re supposed to be released. And not only do I have to write more of those entries (including this one), because in addition, I had to generate a list of 12 already released 2023 movies to choose from, in the event that 12 of the 13 movies that are in the remainder of my 2023 theatrical tour kowtow to The Frandemic.

But luckily, 12 has become 11, as A Haunting In Venice has been released today, thus one of my 12 back-ups won’t be required right now. And of course, with that being said, I have decided that Knock At The Cabin will be foreseeably phased out, simply because I’m not up for assessing an R-Rated M. Night Shyamalan movie anytime soon.

Alright, I normally end these types of entries with pleading with a movie to not bend the knee to The Frandemic. However, I’ve decided to incorporate two new additions to the immediate assessment/re-assessment list, with those two new additions being I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore and Tower Of Terror. And as to why I’m going to incorporate them, well Nia Peeples is in both of those movies and she deserves to have one of her movies be a part of Catch-22 Hundred lore. Especially since she was/is one of the positives about that dreck, known as Half Past Dead, via that blue eyeshadow making her look like a total smoke show.

Of course, Nia Peeples probably won’t be rocking that blue eyeshadow in either I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore or Tower Of Terror, but it will certainly help get one of those two movies a foreseeably vacant Catch-22 Hundred spot, as there foreseeably isn’t room for both of those movie in the Project. Especially with Mending The Line, Mrs. Harris Goes To Paris, Breaking, The Biscuit Eater, Next Gen and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom (the other theatrical tour movie) all on the verge of being locks in getting those other six spots. And with that being said, the Nia Peeples movie that I think will get that seventh spot will be Tower Of Terror, due to it being successful during its 2001 assessment, whereas Jason Alexander being the guy trying to get with her in I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore seems somewhat implausible. Plus, since Tower Of Terror has a built-in advantage already, Amsterdam will very likely be the odd movie out come the January 1, 2024 deadline.

Well, that wraps up this more varied blog entry about the Catch-22 Hundred Project. I’m not sure what all the remaining 2023 confirmation entries will be like, but I don’t think they will be quite like this one.

Tune in two weeks from now to find out what will come of the convoluted mess that is the theatrical release schedule for Dumb Money, as well as whether The Creator bends the knee or not.