A ‘Dam Setback, Part 1

The battle for spots 2,122 through 2,130 of the Catch-22 Hundred Project has already encountered a setback, with Amsterdam being lackluster in its re-assessment, thus opening the door for another movie to get one of those eight spots. However, nothing screamed immediate assessment until I stumbled upon the filmography of Harvey Guillen, as I wondered what he has done besides the three movies of his that I saw theatrically since late-December of last year. And of course, with that being said, I noticed that I evaluated another one of his movies in The Internship, as well as noticing that he’s in another movie that I have constantly overlooked, with that movie being Werewolves Within. 

Tune in to part two of this entry on the Sneak Leaks page, as my continued explanation of Werewolves Within won’t flow in this entry.