A Change On The ‘Table(s)’

 Between the time that my Going All In On The ‘Table(s)’ entry was published and now, I had to make one change to my 100-movie marathon, by swapping out Cats for a movie that I could see sometime within the next two weeks, as well as a movie that could get an automatic bid into the Tremendous 1200 Project should it pass its assessment. And as for that movie is, well I’ll unveil that in a bit, as I will tell you all why Cats got swapped out.

You see, the showtimes for that movie as of this past Monday (01/06/20) in theaters local to me were dwindling to eventually nonexistent. And given the likelihood of seeing that movie during my very ambitious timeline was anything but likely, I decided to schedule that assessment for the time in which that it will be available to rent. That time is yet to be determined.

Now as for the movie that I will put in place of Cats, well that movie will be the Dennis Quaid movie “The Intruder”. And as to why I chose that movie, well it’s a movie that I can see almost immediately that can also be something that can make the Project should it pass its assessment. Plus, it will be nice to see Meagan Good in a substantial role again, as I’ve been a fan of hers since seeing Deliver Us From Eva for the very first time.

Well, time to continue this crazy goal of mine. Here’s hoping that The Intruder is a worthy substitute for Cats in the marathon schedule.