A Baker’s Dozen, Plus A ‘Blind-Siding’

From this most recent May 25 to yesterday, 35 movies punched their tickets into the very broad group of spots 2,048 through 2,122 of the Catch-22 Hundred Project, thus leaving 40 more spots up for grabs. However, there are only seven spots that are officially open, due to A] 15 already assessed/re-assessed movies basically having their spots reserved, B] 15 upcoming 2023 movies being expected to pass their assessments, C] Two already assessed movies awaiting hard copy confirmation and D] One yet to be assessed movie awaiting hard copy confirmation, as there is no way for it to be assessed at this current juncture. And with Points A through D being said, you can find out which movies are applicable to them, by clicking here.

Alright, so now that that detailed breakdown has been established, it’s time to see what other movies could make the 2,048 through 2,122 cut via the chart below:

MovieWhy it could make the cutWhat hurts its chance
The PhotographThe presence of Chante Adams.Despite the weird romantic pairing of LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae, there’s no glaring weakness for this movie.
CarmenThe presence of Melissa Barrera.Because Barrera knocked it out of the park with In The Heights, there’s concern that this movie could be a letdown. Plus, it’s a new or fairly new 2023 movie that’s not expected to pass its assessment.
The Count Of Monte CristoPre-20th century France movies, such as The Last Duel and Chevalier, give this movie a wave of momentum that it can capitalize on.Based on its trailer, the movie looks very dated.
An American PickleIf one certain aspect is deemed satisfactory, then it could be among the seven to make the cut.If The Visitor (a movie that this one is being compared to via that one certain aspect) has to be in the selection pool for the final 78 Project spots, then this movie should be as well.
ShotThis movie could outrank both The World Made Straight and Snake & Mongoose, as all three movies are Noah Wyle movies. Plus, it gives Christie Burson a bigger role, compared to Miss March.Nothing hurts its chances.
BentThe presence of Grace Byers. Plus, it could outrank The Loft, as this movie and that movie are both Karl Urban movies.The 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
BrosThe presence of Monica Raymund.It’s not a typical Catch-22 Hundred movie, based on its over-the-top themes. And if those themes are too loud during its assessment, then “The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial” will be Raymund’s next shot at having a movie of hers make the Project.
SlumberlandThis live-action remake could clearly outshine the cartoon version just like how the new Haunted Mansion outshined the 2003 version.The dream layer confusion that plagued the cartoon version could rear its head in this version.
JulesThis movie could fill both the Paul void and Asteroid City void in the Project. Nothing hurts it chances and it might not even be in this group, due to it possibly being a substitute for a movie that could have its release date impacted by The Frandemic.
StrangelandKevin Gage gets the protagonist role in this movie, which is a refreshing change from his creepy Waingro character in the movie “Heat”. Plus, the Sevendust song “Breathe” plays in this movie.If this movie is on the level of Brawl In Cell Block 99, from the standpoint of being overly nauseating, then it won’t make the Project. 
Blinky Bill The MovieThis movie could work well in tandem with Always Be My Maybe in an evaluation line-up.The fact that it’s being compared to the questionable Back To The Outback doesn’t inspire much confidence.
Dark CrimesJim Carrey in a serious role is a refreshing change of pace. Plus, this movie could directly follow Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style in an evaluation line-up.See six spots above.
Lady MacbethFlorence Pugh’s stock has been rising since Oppenheimer, thus this movie could ride that wave of momentum.The 2020 version of Emma., and A Royal Affair are the closest comps (comparisons) to this movie, which is not promising, due to both of those movies failing their assessments.

Alright, so if no upcoming 2023 movies get their release dates delayed, then Jules will get one of those seven non-reserved spots. Plus, Shot and The Photograph will get two more of those spots, which leaves four more of those movies getting those other non-reserved spots. 

Oh yes, and just as I was putting the finishing touches on writing this entry, a total game-changer for the Catch-22 Hundred Project was brought to my attention. And as to what that game-changer was, well it was the whole developing story of Michael Oher’s adoption allegedly being a guise for an exploitive conservatorship. Furthermore, that developing story alleges that Oher’s adoptive parents were the ones that perpetuated that guise, thus tarnishing my view of the movie “The Blind Side”. So, given this game-changer, a new movie will be chosen to take that movie’s fully guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred spot via a yet to be determined selection process. 

Tune into all foreseeable Nog Reports to find out both the outcomes of all those chart movies and the measures that will eventually be taken to address that “blind-siding” game-changer.