A Baker’s Dozen For The Rum Round

I’ve been making exceptions left and right for all my movie assessing marathons, whether it was swapping out Cats for The Intruder or adding five more movies to The Karl-Nine Marathon. And of course, I’ll be making another, by adding another movie to The Rum Round Movie Marathon, with it being Uncut Gems. And as to why I’m adding that movie to that marathon, well I plan to start that marathon around the time that it will be available to rent, which is March 10, 2020. Plus, it could be the R-Rated Adam Sandler movie that could work well instead of That’s My Boy in a line-up with both Grown Ups 2 and Just Go With It, along with the fact that I want to see Idina Menzel in a live-action role for once, as I’ve the only movies of hers that I’ve seen thus far are both of the Frozen movies.

Well everyone, that’s it for the latest addition of why I want to assess a particular movie.

Tune in during either late mid/late March or early April to find out about next steps for Uncut Gems.