A Bad Post-Extra Facial Hair Day!: Part 3

So after setting some time aside on the Monday before this most recent Memorial Day to remove those bathroom sink scratches, I sprayed Lysol Multi-Purpose Bleach on what remained of them and did so with the scheduled treatment of all my bathroom plumbing having yet to be executed by one of my roommates that month. And of course, with the then-pending treatment being said, I decided to stop slacking off in removing those remaining scratches or else that particular roommate of mine would have lectured me to the point that my then-pending work schedule would have been severely disrupted, thus me having extra incentive to remove those aforementioned remaining scratches. Okay, let’s continue via the next paragraph.

Okay, so after spraying down the area of the remaining scratches, I relentlessly shellacked at them on and off for about 20 minutes to see if they would completely disappear (they did), but only after I tripled checked the particular area that I was shellacking. Regardless, I eventually felt a total sense of relief, and I have both a detailed Google search result and a subsequent stop at a Walmart to thank for that.

In summary, I highly recommend using Lysol Multi-Purpose Bleach to remove scratches from certain surfaces, such as a bathroom sink or some other hard surface that it’s been proven to work on. But please do so without using a washcloth because using one with that particular product will badly discolor it to the point of if being beyond repair. And given the versatility that washcloths themselves present, it’s not worth using one with that particular product at all. Instead, using paper towel with it is the way to go.

Well, that does it for this partial caveman’s advice on how to remove scratches from a bathroom sink. But it won’t be my last home bathroom repair blog entry, as I will be blogging about unclogging the drain of that same bathroom sink. Blog to you all about home bathroom repair again next week.