A Bad Post-Extra Facial Hair Day!: Part 2

Last week on the Extra Sessions page, I blogged about the beginning of my experience of using Lysol Multi-Purpose Bleach to eliminate those scratches that were amassed on the sink that’s across from my shower stall, with the end result being some success in removing them yet at the expense of a since discarded wash cloth. Oh yes and before I continue, I want to mention that that first attempt occurred three days before this most recent Cinco de Mayo since I forgot to mention that in first part of this three-part entry. Okay, let’s continue via the next paragraph.

Of course, most of the month of this most recent May consisted of mostly content-creating and scouting movies for the Catch-22 Hundred Project, as I prioritized Art Infliction related work over kowtowing to the general perception of buyers of existing homes wanting EVERYTHING done for them. However, I also knew that those scratches were my fuck up, so I decided to make time to get rid of what remained of them, which I did exactly a week before this most recent Memorial Day. And unlike the Tuesday before this most recent Cinco de Mayo, which featured my theatrical scouting trip of assessing the movie Sisu, I had nothing to do except figure out which assessment/re-assessment that I wanted to do next. Especially since I was so undecided about what to choose from at that time, thus I decided to set some of that time aside to completely remove what remained of those scratches.

Tune in a week from now to the conclusion of this three-part entry.