A Bad Post-Extra Facial Hair Day!: Part 1

Ever have that day, where you have less than 24 hours to get multiple things done? Well, that happened to me on the Monday before this most recent Earth Day, as I had yet to complete my now completed seventh movie review set, along with both needing to go get my haircut and do grocery shopping that day. And not only did I need to both go get my haircut and do grocery shopping that day because in addition, I wanted to shave all the extra facial hair off my face, as doing as such made/makes the task of someone else cutting my hair an easy one. 

However, my time-management skills were seriously challenged that day, as I didn’t want to lose my reserved spot at the place that I go to for my haircut, so I hacked away at all the extra facial hair, only to jam up my razor to the point that too much hair was stuck in it. And instead of risking the potential for the excruciating pain that comes after picking the jammed up facial hair out of a razor, I attempted to knock it all out via banging it on/in the sink that’s across from my shower stall. But the banging ended up backfiring, as I accidentally marked up that sink with scratches. And knowing how colossally stupid that that was, I briefly panicked.

But briefly was the operative word, as I spent a lot of off time figuring out how to remove those scratches. Especially when I thought that such a thing could have negative ramifications on possible house resale value, as buyers of existing homes these days want EVERYTHING done for them before they even move in.

Anyways, my Google searches of getting rid of those scratches were vague until I typed “how to get rid of bathroom sink scratches” into the search engine, while I was watching some lousy movie called After Party. And sure enough, the panic didn’t return, as one specific search result said, “Just use spray bleach to remove the scratches”. And use I eventually did, thanks to finding Lysol Multi-Purpose Bleach via killing some time in a Walmart, which was in the same town as the movie theater that I eventually went to (I saw Chevalier) on the Wednesday after this most recent Earth Day. And as to how usage of that product went, well my first attempt via the unfortunate misuse of a now discarded wash cloth really minimized the visibility of those scratches. But they weren’t completely gone, thus the eventual second attempt.

To be continued.