83 And Possibly Out!: Part 6

Between the time that Part 5 of 83 And Possibly Out! and this entry were written, three more movies were picked up for Tier 12, so the movement of movies being added to that tier has slowed down some. Plus, given that Tiers 8 and Tiers 11 through 13 have 109 to 111 movies that all need to be assessed/re-assessed as soon as possible, it’s unlikely that Tier 12 will gain any more movies for the foreseeable future.

Of course, the material in last week’s entry highlighted the span of March 16, 2022 through “some of” March 22, 2022. And what I mean by “some of” March 22, 2022, well that day featured A) Death On The Nile being awarded the tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spot that was revoked from A Cowgirl’s Story and B) John Carter having its hard copy ending match its digital copy ending. And of course, those two movies weren’t the only ones to move in the right direction because in addition, both Pig and The Chipmunk Adventure joined the 26 other movies that are all currently in a logjam of trying to get 36 of the then-37 revoked tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots, thus the former of those two groups now increasing to 28. So yes, there were some highlights in that span. However, there were also lowlights in that span; six of them to be exact and they were all Tier 12 movies that failed their assessments. So yes, that span was a 40/60 rate of success for the Two ThouCentennial Project. And with that being said, what did the “rest of” March 22, 2022 through March 29, 2022 bring forth for the Two ThouCentennial Project? 

Well in a somewhat modified version of the Point A Through Point E chart of Part 4 of 83 And Possibly Out!, the 14 movies that were assessed/re-assessed during that span will also have their fates detailed via a chart, except that Point B will be for movies that are vying for the now 38 of 39 revoked tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots this time around, along with Point C being for movies that have been placed in Tier 9 and Point D for movies that have been placed on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page. Plus, there is no Point E at all.

Of course, just like that entry of two weeks ago, you can view the numbers breakdown of this entry via the chart below. Oh yes, one more thing and that is that the asterisk in Point B denotes movie(s) that weren’t among the 14 to be assessed/re-assessed, and you’ll find out why in the paragraph after the chart below. Okay, so without any more ado, the chart below: 

Numbers BreakdownMovie(s) Connected To Respective Breakdowns
3 Point A MoviesAnd Then Came Love, Little Women ’19, Terrordactyl
1 Point B Movie*One Man And His Cow
8 Point C MoviesThe Dead Undead, Little Man, Balance, Not Symmetry, Date And Switch, G-Force, Angel In The House, Confessions Of A Shopaholic, The Fighter
3 Point D MoviesAbsolutely Anything, Band Aid, Burn Your Maps

Of course, One Man And His Cow had its assessment done on January 19, 2022, so it wasn’t among the 14 movies that were assessed/re-assessed, hence the asterisk in its title. However, it’s been added to this group, due to the fact that it got hard copy confirmation on March 28, 2022, thus making it the obvious Point B movie in the chart above. 

Of course, compared to the documented activity in Part 5 of 83 And Possibly Out!, there was a little bit more documented activity in this entry, with A) Nine Tier 12 movies being assessed/re-assessed and B) Five Tier 8 movies being re-assessed, thus bringing the combined total of Tiers 8 and 11 movies down from 62 to 57. And given that more activity will occur between the completion of this entry and a week from now, there is going to be a Part 7. So with that being said, blog to you all about Two ThouCentennial activity next week.