83 And Possibly Out!: Part 3

Last week on Extra Sessions, I blogged about eight movies that are well-positioned to claim eight of the then-32 revoked tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots, only for those eight movies to be up against the slow-moving logjam of Tier 12 (47 at the time that that entry was initially written) movies. And of course, there have been fluctuating numbers between the initial writing of that entry and the initial writing of this entry, with the first one being that 12 (4 since February 24, 2022) of the 83 combined Tier 8 and Tier 11 movies have been re-assessed. However, only one of them, The Last Marshal, passed its re-assessment with flying colors

Next, we have Tier 12, which of course is the tier where a group of movies (48 before the initial writing of last week’s entry, 47 after the initial writing of last week’s entry, 65 before and after the initial writing of last week’s entry) cannot claim tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots without being assessed/re-assessed, due to the slow-moving tandem of Tiers 8 and 11. But given the soon-to-be rapid fire nature of Tier 12 movies getting their assessments/re-assessments completed, it’s likely that quite a few (Odd Jobs, House Gucci and Sid & Nancy have already been disqualified, as they were among the 47/48) of them could inherit some of the now 36 revoked tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots. 

But of course, the now 65 Tier 12 movies nor the eight movies that were blogged about last week are the focus of this third and final point of this entry. Instead, this point centers around 16 more movies with rising stocks in making the Two ThouCentennial Project, thus making this 83 And Possibly Out! battle all the more contentious. The 16 more movies are listed via the chart below:

MovieWhy It’s DeservingRequirements Needed
FirewalkerBy default, it’s the Will Sampson movie that has the best chance at making the Project.If other Will Sampson movies get assessed, then this one will need to outlast those such movies.
GlitchCompared to both Remember Me and I Am Number, this movie gives Emily Wickersham a somewhat more substantial role.It come downs to whether this movie can be obtained via hard copy or not.
Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky BobbyIt has the potential to outrank Semi-Pro, which is also a Will Ferrell movie.It needs to be signed to The Tentative Roster page, so that it can wait it out with the logjam moving along.
Meet The DeedlesA.J. Langer and Petey The Prairie Dog both deserve to be a part of Two ThouCentennial lore.See one spot above.
He’s Just Not That Into YouBusy Philipps is downright gorgeous in this movie, which makes this movie deserving.See two spots above.
NotoriousJamal Woolard’s portrayal of the late Notorious B.I.G. is too good to not be in the Project.See three spots above.
Lima: Breaking The SilenceThis movie gives Julie St. Claire the best chance of being a part of Two ThouCentennial lore. Plus, it will be a good first round opponent for The Last Marshal in Conference 32.See four spots above.
DaylightThis movie is already signed to The Tentative Roster, due in large part to Cooper The Dog.It needs the collective logjam of Tier 8, Tier 11 and Tier 12 to break a bit more.
The Brass TeapotThis movie is signed to The Tentative Roster, due to the trio of Juno Temple, Alexis Bledel and Cristin Milioti. See one spot above.
England Is MineThis movie is signed to The Tentative Roster, due to it being assessed a few hours before the jot down session of the Saved By The Bell Episode “The Prom”.See two spots above.
One Man And His CowIt can work well in tandem with the Tiffani-Amber Thiessen movie “Sweet Dreams”. See nine spots above.
3 StrikesThe presence of E-40, and the fact that this movie has the potential to work well with any potential Top-100 movie has slowly yet surely caused a rise in its stock.Given the methodical rise in its stock, it’s in the same boat as Daylight, The Brass Teapot and England Is Mine.
The Hottest StateThis movie is beautifully shot and it has something else beautiful, which is the presence of Alexandra Daddario.If the ending of this movie is deemed satisfactory, then it will move up to The Farm Squad.
The InvisibleThis movie shows how progressively deep that it can get. Plus, it has Tania Saulnier in a role that’s bigger than her role in Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.Initially, this movie was going to go back to the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page. But even if Slither (another Tania Saulnier movie) passes it assessment, then this movie could still move up to The Farm Squad.
Made In DagenhamFrom an eye candy appeal standpoint, this movie is as good as it can get for Andrea Riseborough.Other Andrea Riseborough movies will be assessed. And should any of those other movies of hers pass assessment, then this movie will be going to the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page.
EternalsGiven that this movie has had its stock methodically rise, due to its assessment occurring early in the Saved By The Bell jot down era, it could move up to Tier 5 sometime soon.It needs to give off the vibe of having a complete feel during its plot investigation. And that’s before waiting out the logjam.

Well, there you have it, sixteen more movies that need to meet certain requirements in order to make the Project. And of course, given the ever-changing landscape of the aforementioned Project, I’m sure that there will once again be other Project-worthy movies that I will blog about. But I don’t know when exactly that will be, as I’m up to date in blogging about every non-Tier 12 movie that has a legitimate chance at making the aforementioned Project. And given my upcoming slate of other Art Infliction projects, I don’t know where I’ll find the time to blog about a potential part 4. So with the past two sentences being said, blog to you all later about any further Two ThouCentennial updates I guess.