83 And Possibly Out!: Part 20

When it comes to writing blog entries about Two ThouCentennial activity, I usually air one such entry per week, due to how thematic that I like them to be. And while I posted five separate such entries during an entire week (May 30, 2022 through June 05, 2022), it’s rare that I do as such now.

But after realizing today that I must abide by the self-imposed rule of 2,000 of the 2,100 Two ThouCentennial movies needing to be comprised of fully guaranteed Two ThouCentennial movies, tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial movies and/or presumed to be tentative guaranteed Two ThouCentennial movies, I decided to abide by that rule, as I discovered this most recent July 5 that there are 1,999 such occupied spots, therefore I had to award a movie the 2,000th such spot. But of course, I couldn’t award it to just any movie, as I felt that the movie that warranted this such spot had to be a movie that was good enough to be re-assessed yet isn’t absolutely a game-changing talent, either. But where would I find such a movie between the time that I made this realization and this coming October 7? Especially when I was struggling with compiling multiple options (or lack thereof) in my head. 

However, reminiscence came into play, as I thought back to the time that I contemplated putting the 2009 version of The Taking Of Pelham 123 on the Movie-Ocrity/Dishonorable Mention page, only to decide that it deserves a re-assessment. And given that was the first movie that came to mind as an eventual re-assessment, I decided to award it the 2,000thspot.

Sure, movies such as Titanic, Wrongfully Accused and Trespass came to mind shortly after I thought of the 2009 version of The Taking Of Pelham 123. But given that that movie was the first one that came to mind, it’s the one that gets the nod for the 2,000th overall guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spot. And given that it’s a movie that I felt took itself way too seriously during the time (early-February 2011) that I last attempted to watch it, it’s the perfect movie to be re-assessed with the strong likelihood of being replaced by a much better movie in the Project.

Well, that does it for this latest Two ThouCentennial entry about an impromptu movie that has been added to either Tier 8 or Tier 11 of the Land Of Infusion page. And given how I have everything else mapped out from now through this coming October 7, the 2009 version of The Taking Of Pelham 123 will be the last such movie to be added to either Tier 8 or Tier 11, as those two tiers (among others) will be discontinued two days after the full-on assessment of Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas has been completed. 

Alright, blog to you all again about Two ThouCentennial activity on Tuesday (August 2) as promised.