83 And Possibly Out!: Part 13

When it comes to having blog entries on intended pages, I like to have them on such pages for at least a week, as syndicating them in less than a week defeats its entire intended purpose. And of course, with that being said, such a scenario is applicable here, as this particular entry has been written five days after 83 And Possibly Out!: Part 12. Plus, due to the fact that I won’t be updating the Art Infliction website again until Friday, I won’t be syndicating the aforementioned 83 And Possibly Out!: Part 12 this coming Wednesday (marks exactly one week since the posting of that entry), due to the mental rest that I have given myself in preparation for the end of my jot down sessions (three to go) for Saved By The Bell: The College Years.

But thankfully, there’s depth and versatility to cover the bases of feeling the need to post new entries, while holding off on syndicating certain entries, thanks to both having pages, such as this one (The Bonus Round) and the re-installation of the Sneak Leaks page. And given that a lot of Two ThouCentennial activity occurred from the afternoon of this past May 24 through the late morning of today, the depth and versatility will totally come in handy, as I will detail such activity via the Points Chart format below. Let’s begin.

****Denotes movie that is only available digitally

*****Denotes movies that were a part of 83 And Possibly Out!: Part 1

Numbers BreakdownMovie(s) Connected To Respective Breakdowns
1 Point A MovieThe Guardian
15 Point B MoviesOut On A Limb, D.E.B.S., Running Scared ‘06*****, The Laureate****, The Odd Couple II, Celtic Pride*****, The Penthouse, Air Bud*****, Committed, Double Take*****, Mandie And The Cherokee Treasure, Comeback Season, Out Cold*****, Folk Hero & Funny Guy, The Year Of Living Dangerously*****
1 Point D MovieBoiling Point
2 Point G MoviesExodus: Gods And Kings, Towelhead

Well, there you have it. Once again another detailed breakdown of documented Two ThouCentennial activity. And given that one movie will certainly be assessed shortly after this entry posts, well then you can count on 83 And Possibly Out!: Part 14 posting exactly a week from now. So with that being said, blog to you all about this particular series again next week.