2023 Theatrical Tour Audibles, Part 1

Given both the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the theatrical release of Poor Things and Napoleon getting constantly destroyed by the writers and vloggers, I have decided to remove those two movies from my 2023 theatrical tour, as A] I don’t want to get caught up in Fandango’s guessing games for the former any longer, and B] I don’t want to sit my ass down in an auditorium for two-plus hours to see the latter, especially when I had to endure Killers Of The Flower Moon almost a month ago. So, with all of that being said, will my amount of 2023 theatrical trips reduce from six to four?

Hell to the no, because I saw trailers for five then-upcoming movies this fall, dating back to when I saw The Equalizer 3 theatrically, thus planting a seed in my mind. And as to what those five seed-planting movies were, well they were Saltburn, Next Goal Wins, The Holdovers, Silent Night and The Iron Claw. So, with that being said, I elected to pick two movies from that group to fill the vacated tour spots of Poor Things and Napoleon.

Tune in tomorrow to find out which two movies that I chose and why.