Quick Hitters: San Francisco 49ers Vs. Arizona Cardinals Prediction

With all the movie assessing that I have recently done, I have once again decided to do my weekly NFL predictions in this format. Or should I say my prediction for the 49ers-Cardinals game, as that’s the only Week 9 game that’s mandatory to meet my Halloween deadline. And since I’ve now established that, here’s my prediction via the bullet point below:

  • The Cardinals have been a scrappy bunch Weeks 5 through 7, as they were on a three-game winning streak during that span. However, the three teams that they defeated are a combined 3-21. As for the 49ers, they are undefeated and have two defeated two winning teams this season. Plus, defense and the running game travel, two things that the 49ers have. The Cardinals will give them a fight because the Cardinals almost always play the 49ers tough at University of Phoenix Stadium. However, their effort won’t be effort, as I see the 49ers finding a way to remain undefeated.

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