Quick Hitters: Week 8, 2019 NFL Season

From a regular site update standpoint, I’m back in the swing of things.

However, I’ve also been locked into other blogging projects, thus my Week 8 NFL picks being in this format once again.

So with that being said, here are my predictions via the bullet points and bold text below:

  • Washington Redskins Vs. Minnesota Vikings-I’ll take the Vikings because they are one of the hottest teams in the league right now and I don’t see them losing against a lowly Redskins team.
  • Seattle Seahawks Vs. Atlanta Falcons-I’ll take the Seahawks because I feel that they can bounce back from last week’s disappointing home loss against the Baltimore Ravens. Plus, this might be the worst Falcons team in the Matt Ryan since Tony Gonzalez’ last season (2013) in the league, so there’s no way that they beat the Seahawks this week.
  • Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Buffalo Bills-This is a must win game for the Eagles, but the dormant state of their offense is a recipe for disaster against a championship caliber Bills defense. So with that being said, I like the Bills in this one.
  • Los Angeles Chargers Vs. Chicago Bears-I’ll take the Bears because their ferocious defense will be too overpowering for the Chargers’ shaky offensive line.
  • New York Giants Vs. Detroit Lions-I’ll take the Lions because they are too good to be losers of three in a row. Especially against a Giants team that has been sputtering for the past three weeks.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Vs. Tennessee Titans-I’ll take the Buccaneers because I think they’ll be fresh against a Titans team that almost lost its third straight game last week against the Chargers.
  • Denver Broncos Vs. Indianapolis Colts-I’ll take the Colts because they are the better team.
  • Cincinnati Bengals Vs. Los Angeles Rams-I’ll take the Rams because they looked rejuvenated last week against the Falcons, and they will build off of that against the 0-7 Bengals.
  • Arizona Cardinals Vs. New Orleans Saints-I’ll take the Saints because the return of Drew Brees will galvanize that whole team.
  • New York Jets Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars-I’ll take the Jaguars because their imposing defense will be too much for Sam Darnold & Company.
  • Carolina Panthers Vs. San Francisco 49ers-I’ll take the 49ers because their running game will punish the Panthers run defense, along with the fact that their Golden Rush defense will make life miserable for Kyle Allen and the Panthers offense.
  • Cleveland Browns Vs. New England Patriots-I’ll take the Patriots because the Browns aren’t ready to be a serious challenger to them.
  • Oakland Raiders Vs. Houston Texans-I’ll take the Texans because I like their chances of rebounding at home this week.
  • Green Bay Packers Vs. Kansas City Chiefs-I’ll take the Chiefs because I don’t see them losing three in a row at Arrowhead Stadium.
  • Miami Dolphins Vs. Pittsburgh Steelers-I’ll take the Steelers because I expect them to build off of their Week 6 win against the Chargers coming out of their bye week.

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